Friday, May 11, 2012

Why the white astronaut suit for beekeepers?

Been doing some research on this topic, The best reason I have found is Light colors are cooler for the wearer. A very popular theory is that bee don't like dark colors, for that is the color of bears an skunks their enemies.

My take,  un-dye cotton fabric was and may continue to be among the cheapest fabric around. If you were a peasant you sure wouldn't have the funds to buy expensive colorful fabric to wear when trending your bee hives.

As with many things tradition sets in and the reasons why certain things are done in a particular way are forgotten.

As to light colors and particular white being cooler to wear, there is some truth to that. I see no major reason why not to wear/make beekeepers jacket/suits in other light colors.

How many of us go around in the hot summer sun wearing dark clothing and it doesn't seem to bothers us that much. Think I will start a line of light color beekeeper jackets. :)

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